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Safety and trust

Dear Customer and Business Partner

Camper Iceland invests and cares about safety and trust. If you choose one of our brands or products we want you to feel safe. We want you to feel comfortable that you have chosen the right partner and we want you to rest assured that your money is safe with us. We have a very good reputation, a very long experience on the market and we have been in business for a long time. To back that history up we invest in several insurances and fulfil several legal obligations to stay in business. 



We are members of the Swiss Travel Association

STAR counts over 300 members in Switzerland. The travel agencies and tour operating business in Switzerland have been able to be part of the association since 1995. STAR’s main occupation is primarily of political nature to enforce quality and exchange information between the members. It also offers education to members of the association. 

Travel Insurance

We are insured against bankruptcy, another strongpoint of our company

The Swiss Travel Security (STS) ensures that the money our customers pay to our account is safe. Camper Icelandpays an annual fee and has deposited large funds to a locked bank account in order to have this insurance for you. In case that we would go bankrupt the STS would refund your money rapidly. In addition to that insurance STS checks their members at least annually for seriousness and reliability. 

Renting vehicles in Iceland is subject to a permission of the Icelandic Road Administration. At the same time all vehicles of a rental company must be properly insured and inspected annually by law. We are a fully licensed Car Rental company and fulfil all legal requirements. 

Reselling Icelandic Products or offering your own tours is subject to further permissions of the Icelandic government. We are a fully licensed Tour Operator and Reseller of Icelandic travel products. Running a Guest House is also subject to a permission by the Icelandic government. We are a therefore a fully licensed Guest House. 

We have been certified by “inspired by Iceland” a product of the Icelandic Tourist Board. All certified specialists get to use the Inspired by Iceland Specialist badge on their marketing material.

We have been certified by Six Payment services Switzerland.